Event Catering


Our catering services are for any event under the sun (or rain!). We love what we do and have deep connections to the Pacific Northwest, giving us a unique and wide range of networking with local vendors and artisans. 

Plated Chef Dinners


Invite Chef Janna to your home to host a course-by-course private dinner for you and your guests. Intimate and personal.  Consider wine or beer pairing and make it a night to celebrate! 

Appetizer Platters


Our appetizer platters are a perfect, hassle-free options for your next party. Choose between Charcuterie, Fruit & Veggie, Finger Sandwiches, Skewers, Antipasto & more. 

Sample Menus

Please note: this is a sample menu and is fully customizable to individual needs

Average Pricing


Catered Luncheon

$20 - $25 per person; lunch buffet or delivered lunch boxes. 

$18 - $20 per person; lunch buffet, groups of 100 or more.

- Prices determined by menu & event specifics -

Catered Dinner

$25 - $35 per person; dinner buffet or delivered hot dinner. 

$20 - $30 per person for buffet dinner, groups of 100 or more.  

- Prices determined by menu & event specifics -

Plated Dinners

$50 per person; three course dinner 

$75 per person; four course dinner 

$90 per person; five course dinner 

$120 per person; six course dinner

$150 per person; seven course dinner 

$35 - $150 per person; for groups 100 or more. 

- Prices determined by menu, number of courses & event specifics 

Does not include the pice of alcohol pairing -


Catered appetizers are priced $3-6/ per item per guest.  

Please eamail us for our appetizer menu and a customized quote. 

Delivered Appetizer Platters - $200 each

Antipasto: salami, mozzarella, artichoke, olives, mushrooms, roasted vegetables, pita bread

Fruit & Veggie: seasonal fruits & vegetables, two vegetable dips, berries, citrus

Charcuterie:  cured meats, cheese, crackers/bread, jam & mustard 

Finger Sandwiches: three sandwiches of your choosing on freshly baked breads

Skewers: grilled meat and vegetable skewers with dipping sauce) 

- Feeds 20-25 people -

Weekend Retreats

Having a group getaway and need food? Look no further. We are happy to cook 

on-site or deliver food for your next retreat. We guarantee we can accommodate for the dietary need of every guest, without food quality or creativity suffering. 

Three Meals/day  -  $50/person 

Two Meals/day -      $35/person

One Meal/day  -      $18/person 

- Prices determined by menu, travel time, lodging & event specifics -

Personal Chef

Chef Janna will accept personal chef clients with the right people, under the right circumstances. Having a personal chef in your home is very personal and requires a level of openness, honesty and vulnerability from both parties. A meeting will be requested beforehand to make sure that we connect well on a personal level. 

Personal Chef prices are $50/hour, not including grocery costs. 

This will include any menu development, prep and travel time. 

If you are interested in hiring Chef Janna as a personal chef for a trip or vacation, prices are $400/day, not including grocery or travel costs.