SOME Class Topics

Managing Food Allergies


Designed for those with food allergies, whether newly discovered or for people struggling to be creative with pre-existing conditions. Chef Janna will talk about the most common food allergies and give practical suggestions on how to eat deliciously while staying 

dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan. 

Kitchen Skills


Designed for those who don't cook much and want to start! 

Chef Janna will go through basic cooking techniques, knife skills, and flavor combinations in order to give you the tools to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for yourself and your family or guests at home. We can focus on any technique you feel you need to sharpen. 

Whole Foods Cooking



Whole Foods cooking is the base to Chef Janna's and Bastyr University's nutritional philosophy; we are not talking about the grocery store. A whole food is a food that is whole its own. It doesn't need a nutrition label. In this class you will learn the basics of how to choose and prepare wholesome foods and eat the way Mother Nature intended. 

PNW Seasonal Cooking


Cooking within the seasons, with locally sourced ingredients from our  farms and artisans, is the best way to eat the highest quality, most nutritious food and support our community. Chef Janna will introduce you to the seasonal foods grown in the  Pacific Northwest and teach creative ways to incorporate more of these foods onto our plates. 

Global Tastes & Flavors


Designed to up your food game and put some culture and spice in your life! Chef Janna teaches how cook with international herbs and spices, properly balance acid and heat, and how to incorporate new flavors into your food repertoire. We will explore difference culture's cooking staples, spices, herbs and preserves, including fermentations. 

Sustainable Food


Chef Janna teaches on the failing infrastructure of the modern food system, as well as fad diet claims that hurt the health of the community and planet. She gives practical solutions on how to be an educated consumer and make a difference in your food community by supporting local, sustainable food systems. 

Book Chef Janna

Cooking Classes in Your Home or Community

Chef Janna is happy to teach in your  home or community on any subject or technique you want to explore or practice.  

$50/hour for individual or family

$100/hour for a group, 4 or more. 

- Price does not include food costs - 

Cooking Classes or Food Education as Team Building

Chef Janna has recently partnered with companies to bring cooking classes and food education to the office for team building and to support employee health.

Prices are dependent upon class size and duration of curriculum. 

Speaker for Community Event

Chef Janna's mission is to inspire with food and educate on how mother nature intended us to eat it. 

She will speak at most nonprofit community education events, free of charge. Please consider cost of travel. 

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