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Foods for Fertility

Eating well-balanced meals plays a large roll in reproductive health for both men and women. Foods high in nutrients such as magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, folate, selenium, choline and iodine are suggested by dietitians to boost fertility for both men and women trying to conceive. 

Chef Janna works to bridge the gap between an abstract nutrient or food list and an actual meal on your plate. She will work side by side with you to help make changing the way you eat nutritious, creative, and easy to handle. 

Eating to Lower Blood Sugar

Lowering sugar consumption is one of the biggest changes you can make to impact overall health. In today's convenience-driven society, it is unbelievable how much added sugar and preservatives can be found in prepared foods. Bottled salad dressings, boxed dinners, "health" foods such as protein bars, and eating out can all contribute to an over-consumption of sugar. It is nearly impossible to avoid this excess without cooking for yourself. 

Whether you are looking to lose weight, sugar-detox, or lower blood sugar naturally, Chef Janna has practical solutions and creative ideas on how to prepare foods that are creative, delicious and naturally sugar-free. 

Eating to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is often the first warning sign that something is out of balance. Cooking to reduce inflammation requires eliminating foods that are known to inflame and incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. This process requires a individualized approach as each person will react differently to various foods. If you have an undiagnosed food allergy, for example, this could cause significant inflammation in the body. Recent injuries or surgeries can also spark an inflammatory response. For example, the Arthritis Foundation suggests managing inflammation with food to decrease arthritic pain. 

Chef Janna works side by side with you to create meal options that balance your body's natural systems to lower inflammation. We will look at what foods may trigger you personally and start to incorporate more known anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. A diet to reduce inflammation usually incorporates more fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains. 

Foods for Immunity & Longevity

Changing your eating habits to boost immunity & promote longevity requires a very personal approach. It is not just about what you put in your body, but about how you treat your body, mind and spirit. Janna will work side by side with you to implement health practices for diet and lifestyle that help boost energy, build strength, fight bacteria (including candida), lower stress, and manage viral infections, or recover from the affects of antibiotics or radiation. Practices usually include, dietary changes, light physical exercise, mindfulness techniques, body and spirit work, incorporation of daily teas & herbs, massage or other body manipulations, and lots of sleep and rest.  

Kitchen Clean Out and Grocery Shopping Lesson

Many of my clients don't know where to start. They have been advised by a medical professional to change their eating habits, have recently been diagnosed with a food allergy, or are just trying to eat better, but are finding it difficult to begin. 

Kitchen Clean Out is a 2-3 hour personal home session with Chef Janna. Together we will assess your needs and look at what is already in your kitchen, discuss alternative options, suggest creative foods and cooking techniques that make changing the way you eat and cook natural and sustainable for you. After, we will walk your local grocery store together and discuss food labels, how to shop healthfully on a budget, how to increase food variety, and how to avoid problem foods. 

Consultation & Costs

Mother's Roots Nutritional Services works on a consulting basis. Regular consulting fees are $50/hour. Consulting can be done via telecommunication; client does not need to be present. Chef Janna is happy to work with anyone, from any culture around the world. 

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