Corporate Catering

Mother's Roots catered an employee  meal for 100 people last week. The rave reviews I’ve received from developers and engineers, who normally don’t speak unless spoken to have been amazing!  Chef Janna created exactly what I wanted, took the time to truly hear me and the special needs of many vegetarians and gluten free employees. She created a menu that not only met our needs,  but was unique and  incredibly delicious!! 

- Christy  Miller, Open Market


Retreat/Destination Catering

I honestly cannot rave about Mother's Roots food enough! The food is so healthful, yet so flavorful, and beautiful to look at -- you feel like you are just being completely spoiled. The combinations are so very 

creative -- things I would never think to put together. Janna is truly an artist and this is her craft, AMAZING!!!" 

- Hannah Talbot, Tribal Life Events


Nutritional Services

3 BEST things about Mother's Roots:

1. Working with Janna! She is so knowledgeable and passionate about food and nutrition 

 2. I have so much more energy from eating a variety of balanced nutritional foods. 

3. Getting to try new food combinations and spices I never would have thought about on my own!

- Michelle Healy, Michelle Healy Hair